Hey Fort Mill, Solve this puzzle for MONEY?


As the York school district¬†looks toward having impact fees approved to support record growth, it begs the question, how effectively have these fees been used in surrounding communities?¬† 1. Were they used as intended to pay down capital projects specified in the study used to request the impact fees? 2. Did the impact fees offset […]

Term Limit Turmoil

People voting election poll

York County council meeting became tense during the July 18th meeting when a resolution to voice support for term limits was introduced by District #6 Councilman Brandon Guffey. Guffey, who unexpectedly unseated stalwart incumbent & former county party chair Dr. Brit Blackwell in 2020, ran on a campaign of Term Limits. Oppossition was swift from […]

Bethel Lake Wylie Community Greenspace campaign

rock hill video bethel lake wylie greenspace

The Bethel Community and the Lake Wylie Corridor of Clover SC has an opportunity for more Greenspace as opposed to higher residential density and more potential storage units and auto parts stores. A YES vote for the “Bethel/Lake Wylie Land Acquisition and Preservation Park District” on the Nov 3 ballot will result in more parks […]