York County council meeting became tense during the July 18th meeting when a resolution to voice support for term limits was introduced by District #6 Councilman Brandon Guffey. Guffey, who unexpectedly unseated stalwart incumbent & former county party chair Dr. Brit Blackwell in 2020, ran on a campaign of Term Limits.

Oppossition was swift from Council Chair Christi Cox, Councilwoman Allison Love (currently serving 3rd term), & Councilmen Tom Audette (voluntarily left Fort Mill School district after 2 terms) and Bump Roddey (currently serving 4th term) . Councilmen Robert Winkler & Joel Hamilton were in support.

Council ultimately voted to send the Term Limits resolution to a workshop in September…after Councilman Guffey heads to Columbia to represent district 48 in the Statehouse.

Meeting video below…around 1:03 in is where the gears start to grind.

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